Monday, September 21, 2009

The week ahead

I am off to Cape Town on Saturday morning. I was only supposed to go on Monday for work, but I sent a very nice e-mail to my manager and asked if it would not be possible to go on Saturday and was told today that I am flying Saturday morning. This is really exciting as I have not had a break for ages.

I would have loved to have made it from Thursday, but there is so much on the go at work and also I have to look at the costings. I am hoping to meet up with another old school friend, so it should be good. I only return to JHB on Wednesday next week, so I am almost way 1 whole week.

So I hope the weather is good, I need a relaxing weekend.

So Positive

I have been feeling so positive over the last while, which is awesome. I have just started to take things as they come and be more excepting and positive. Each thing that is happening in my life is a "challenge", some are fun, some are difficult and some are mind boggling. However each challenge as I call them happens for a reason.

The way I know I feel better about things is that I all of a sudden always have a song or music in my head! And I will be honest I do sing out aloud when I am alone- so no I do not scare the people around me.

I meet an old school friend the other day in passing at the shops and since then he has introduced me to some really good friends I have not seen for ages. The greatest thing about these friendships is that we are all Christians and have the same belief in God.

I have always been a believer, but they have helped me strengthen my belief's. Going to cell once a week and Church on a Sunday is now so important to me. If I miss one of those, I will feel so lost! It is so great to drive along the road and get caught in a traffic jam and not be so frustrated. I overcome my frustration by looking out the window and admiring the trees and plants outside.

Things occur in our life for a reason and the meeting of my old friend has made me feel SO good about myself and the people around me. So my goal going forward is only to be positive when writing in my blog.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well it has been age's since I wrote a post for my blog and yes I am feeling guilty for not doing so. Anyway I have decided to share some of my news with my blogger "family"!

The main reason for not posting anything, is that I just have been unable to put my thoughts into words. So I did not want to confuse or bore you.

Anyway, what has been happening in the world of Keith? As you are aware I have been planning my trip to the UK for Christmas. I have ticket, visa and all that is needed is money. That fortunately is planned and can be taken care of. Other than that I have been rather quite.

Work has been hectic, but it has been keeping my out of mischief. I fortunately can put my fill effort into my job and look back at my achievements and completed goals. My latest project was organising a live read of an advert for our company on OFM this week. I had goosebumps when I listened to it while audio streaming on Friday morning.

The other brilliant news is that I have meet up with some of my old school friends and they have made me feel special and wonderful. I just have such a positive out look on things through them!

I have been going to a Church in Kempton Park for the last few weeks and have really enjoyed these Sunday evening's. I have found that I am thinking clearly, and just been more chirpy. However that is for a different post.

December is when my goals start happening- I am going to "the Killers" concert on the first Friday in December. I have got my ticket and am going to rock with the teens. I have started to like there music since my brother introduced them to me earlier this year. It is going to be brilliant.

So basically that's me at the moment, nothing to exciting, just a few goals and achievements. Hopefully I will post something more sensible soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holiday Planning

A couple of posts back I mentioned that I was going to the UK for Christmas- yeah!! Anyway this has not been a straight forward transaction in the planning side. I know we are still 5 months away, but I have had a fair share of obstacles in this process.

I booked my ticket almost 2 months ago- my boss very kindly approved my leave in a blink and that was appreciated. Anyway I booked online and did not even bother to get my passport out- BIG mistake!! My old passport was due to expire mid July!

Anyway my brother is the one I need to thank for checking as he had given me a discount voucher to use when I was there and I thought the safest place for this was my passport. So when I placed this voucher in the passport I saw my passport was not going to be valid. I went cold, having heard of all these stories of Home Affairs and the problems and delays, etc. I was in Edenvale one day and thought I would pick up a form and prepare it at home, not knowing that you cannot take forms out of the premises. Anyway when I arrived at Home Affairs in Edenvale (close to work), the queues were 2 people deep- wow. I had fortunately had a set of passport photo's in my wallet and I filled the form in and paid my dues. I gingerly asked the cashier how many weeks for this to be proceed and was told 8!!!!

This would have taken me to mid August without the chance of further delays. Anyway I had no option, but to get the process rolling. 2 weeks later I logged onto Home Affairs Website and checked the progress and was pleasantly surprised to see- PASSPORT BEEN PRINTED. About 3 days later I did another check and was even more surprised- PASSPORT DISPATCHED TO OFFICE OF APPLICATION. 2 days later- PASSPORT READY FOR COLLECTION. So it took a total of 3 weeks to have a new passport. This was so quick that my old passport had not expired and I had my new one in hand. A Big thumbs up and Well Done to the Department of Home Affairs.

Anyway after that obstacle, I thought VISA application and then pack my bags to leave. Why would it be so simple?? I received an e-mail from British Airways, would you have a problem with your return flight arriving 10 minutes later? Please confirm, so I picked up the phone and said that was fine, but why worry about 10 minutes, the agent reminded me some people would have connecting flights. Anyway that all done, I thought we are going ahead, just a VISA application to do- NOT. I received another e-mail from British Airways apologising that my outbound flight was rescheduled.

No asking what preference I wanted to change- I was just booked on the flight they saw fit. Anyway I did not like the choice as instead of leaving at 7h45 in the morning, I was to leave at 20h15 in the evening, meaning I would only arrive in London on Christmas eve. So I phoned again and asked why I was not given a choice and was told they put me on the flight that was next on the schedule. I then had to put on my sweet and business voice on and politely ask for a flight the day before then. My only 2 reasons for this is that I have the 23rd as a days leave approved already and the second reason is probably more important- I have arranged to go shopping in London Central on the evening of the 23rd December.

So this was granted and I cannot see a problem with that going forward. My next challenge is a VISA Application, this is quite a document. Because I am staying with family, I need to provide a letter from them and there life history. My company has to give me a letter to say that I am not leaving them and that I am employed on a full time basis. So currently I am gathering all that information to get my VISA application in, once this is done, I think I will relax.

This holiday is going to be good for me and I am really looking forward to the break. I am not sure what News Years will bring, but either with my brother and/or my mates, I am hoping to have a blast.

The other exciting part is that there is a lot of football on during the period I am there, so I may have an opportunity to go to at least 2 games. Including at least 1 with my new team Spurs. I changed my support from Man United to Spurs. You may ask why, it is just I have been to a game at Spurs and I appreciate where they are based and there stadium!

But there is a lot of work to be done before I go, so I just need to buckle down and focus on the next few months with work.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am around!!

Well I said in my last blog, I was going to be scarce and I see I last posted a pitiful 4 weeks ago! Anyway I will amend my ways going forward.

The Confed's cup was a learning curve for South Africa and our company. We have learnt what we need to do. The British and Irish Rugby Tour was also not as big as anticipated, but keep us on our toes. I went to watch the match in Durban and worked most of the weekend as our stands down in Durban were busy. However I still managed to watch the game live. It was truly amazing to see how many supporters came from the UK to support there team!

Other than that just been busy at work. We had our mid year conference this last weekend and planned for the next 12 months!

I will add some photo's of the weekend in our my next post. We went to a beautiful part of South Africa- Zululand to a place called Bayete Zulu! We were there 18 months ago and I will go back there any day.

I took today off to do some personal things and got the worst over in the shortest period. I manged to get a change of ownership done on my mom's car done and my licence paid in a whole of 25 minutes- this must be a record for me. So well done Boksburg municipality.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been wanting to write a post on my blog for the last few nights, but have just been to cold and tired!

What makes matters more challenging is that the next 3 and a bit weeks are going to be so hectic for me work wise, I do not know. We are moving into a busy time at work- Confed's Cup and British and Irish Lions Rugby tour. It is a lot of hard work for us, but also so exciting. Hence I do not think blogging will be top of my calender, however I may have some events to share with you.

I cannot complain as it is an honour to be involved in these events. I have also been honoured to attend some rather exciting matches. For the Confed's Cup I am going to the opening ceremony and game, at Coca Cola Park on Sunday. On Thursday I am going to Loftus to watch Italy vs USA. That is 2 international soccer games in 1 week- WOW!

My biggest catch is the First Test- Springbok's vs British and Irish Lions in Durban. My favourite stadium! So with hard hard work comes some play.

I will try and keep you posted on news if I can!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Honour of a Special Person!

I noticed the other day that I had written 49 posts in the last few months. I never realised I would ever get that far and enjoy it. My blog is not often visited, but the few people who do visit it are really appreciated and I am honoured to have you as part of my blog- Thank You! I have 3 regular followers and you have taught me to speak my mind and share my feelings. There are still a few things I cannot share yet, but I will do so when I am ready.

One of my main reasons for starting a blog was to be able to speak my heart to "somebody" and the reason for using my blog is I do not really have anyone I can always speak my heart to. My brother is the most amazing person on the world and yes I can speak to him, but he also has a life and I do not always want to "burden" him. I have some wonderful aunts and a great sister in law, but I feel they also have lives and I cannot share verbally with them.

The main thing is there are certain things that I cannot share verbally for different reasons- they my think I have lost the plot or they just will not understand.

My blog was started because the one person I could air my thoughts with is no longer alive today and that is my dearest mom. So today I honour this post in her memory, my dearest mom who departed from my life so suddenly a year ago tomorrow!

I wish I could share my life and thoughts with her daily, I miss her like crazy, but in my heart I have memories that no one can take away! Gosh she was special and an honour to have known.